Resealing of Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are sealed with a sacrificial coat of acrylic sealer that will eventually disperse into the concrete, although the protection is still maintained it can give a faded look.

Should a reseal be required then the following method should be considered.

Please remember that a build-up of sealer can cause the surface to be slippy in the wet.

All equipment should be clean and dry and no evidence of dampness on the surface to be sealed, try to pick a dry day without a forecast of rain imminent , also beware of sealing in direct sunlight on a hot day, late afternoon or early morning on a hot day is more suitable .

Gloss or Matt sealer can be applied with soft cocoa broom or paint roller, don't allow the sealer to form pools rub well in, one 25 litre drum should cover 75 metres square depending on how porous the surface is.

Should the surface need a top up of colour, then a solution of thinners, pigment and a touch of sealer can be applied prior to sealing.

We recommend the following products:-

Acrylic Sealer
Matt Sealer
Colour Pigments

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