What is the difference between Dryshake and Colour Hardener?
There is no difference with the product and both terminologies are used to describe the application or surface colouring wet fresh concrete.

What is Colour Hardener/Dryshake used for?
The product is used wherever colour is needed to be added to a plain concrete floor to enhance the aesthetics or any desired pattern. Additionally it increased the concretes surface tensile strength.

Can it be used on existing concrete?
No - the product is only effective when trowelled into the surface of wet concrete.

How is it applied?
Following laying and the concrete is trowelled flat whilst still workable, with a Bull Float or similar, the Colour Hardener/Dryshake is broadcast over the concrete surface then trowelled in. The surface will then either be further trowelled for a smooth finish or embossed with a pattern prior to the concrete setting hard.

Are the products easy to use and apply?
Undoubtably for very small areas limited experience may no be detrimental, but for larger projects such as patios, driveways etc, training and experience is definately essential.

Does Elite Concrete Ltd only supply to the trade?
No - both trade and public enquiries/sales are welcome.

How long do the products keep?
In general all producs will store for approximately 12 months dependant upon the conditions they are kept. Always remember that powdered products will not tolerate moisture and sealer will not tolerate being stored at freezing temperatures.

Can you recommend any experienced installers?
As with all trades, workmanship can vary for various reasons, especially where the weather is concerned. We can advise as to a selection of those tradesman we consider to be reputable contractors, However we recommend that you should always review their most recent projects.

Why do people choose stamped concrete?
It is an economical alternative to paving and natural stone for driveways, patios, and walkways etc. It also does not need the same level of maintainence because it has no joints where weeds can grow. When properly installed and maintained, stamped concrete will last for many, many years. You can also choose from an extensive variety of patterns and colours.